What is Belgium best known for, besides Jean-Claude Van Damme, a statue of a tiny peeing boy and having the best national football team in the world (although we never seem to win anything)? That’s right, it’s the fries, chocolate, waffles and beer! But why are these healthy delicious treats so popular in Belgium and how did it come to be this way? Find out this and more on A Taste of Bruges Free Food Tour, where we’ll get on the eaten track and guide you around the beautiful historical heart of the city to savor these fabulous food items. We’ll take you back to the World Wars, to medieval Bruges and even further to the Maya and Inca civilizations to tell you the story behind their taste. After this tour, you’ll understand why chocolate tastes so divine, why French fries should really be called Belgian fries and why there’s no such thing as a Belgian waffle. The tour ends in our local brewery with a free beer by the canal!

When: Every day except Monday at 11.30 AM. Please note we will not run this tour in January, February and March.

Meeting point: in front of the statue on the main square of Bruges (Grote Markt). You will recognize us by our red vest and red umbrella. Remember: if it’s not red, it’s not legendary!

Duration: 1,5h – Language: English

On the menu: A taste of fries, chocolate, waffle, praline, cuberdon (a typical Flemish candy) and a glass of beer.

Price: free (donation-based)

No need to make a reservation, just show up in time at the meeting point and cruise along! You will recognize us by our red vest and red umbrella.

Optionally, you can already reserve your spot on the tour here

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